2007/04/11 - Message of the Ambassador

Dear Friends of France,

As I draft this short message, there are less than two weeks to go before the French people cast their vote in a decisive poll. We will choose our President for five years in two rounds, on April 22 and May 6. The campaign has raised strong interest both in France and throughout the world, including Singapore, where the press coverage is commensurate to the stakes of this election. French citizens living abroad have enrolled in large numbers on electoral lists, a twofold increase of the figure in 2002. Here in Singapore, over 3,000 voters are registered on the voting list of the Embassy.

I would like to add a few words as well regarding France-Singapore relations. On 5 May, a ceremony will be held to mark the commissioning of the first stealth frigate built at Lorient, France, for the Singaporean Navy.

The month of May will also see our bilateral relations bearing a more festive mood with the launch of “Voilah ! French Festival Singapore 2007” , organized by the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore with the help of the Embassy. Some 15 events extending from 3 to 28 May will present, in prestigious places in Singapore, the multiple facets of French Savoir-Faire. An exhibition of the Louvre Museum’s chalcography at the Singapore Art Museum, a symposium on French high technology with the participation of Claude Allegre, a former minister of Education, a concert, and various street performances will, among others, celebrate all things French these three weeks. The complete programme of this event is available online and it would be great if you could spread the word around .

This Embassy always strives to keep you abreast of the latest events happening in Singapore in relation with France, by email or via our website. We look forward to receiving your suggestions and comments.

Pierre Buhler

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