2008/05/05 - Encore! the European Season in Singapore

Dear visitor to this website,

Two months from now, on the 1st of July, France will take over the Presidency of the European Union for the next six months. Here in Singapore, due to the absence of a Slovenian Embassy, France has already taken over the Presidency since the 1st of January and has decided to give Europe a higher profile in the city-state.

2008 began with an intensification of the culture exchanges between Europe and Singapore, including the very much heralded exhibition of the Louvre Greek masterpieces in the National Museum of Singapore. So, building on that momentum, together with all the European Union diplomatic missions, the four Cultural Institutes and EuroCham, we have planned to highlight many events of all kinds which, throughout the year, showcase Europe’s heritage and vibrancy on the stages, on the screens and in the museums in Singapore.

The first European cultural season in the world, Encore ! The European Season in Singapore starts on the 6th May, altogether with the 18th European Union Film Festival (EUFF), and will last till the end of this year. Mozart, a Musical about Jacques Brel, Matisse, Italian movies, street performances, dance, theatre, concerts will be on the program of the months to come.

I invite you to visit www.europeanseason.com on a regular basis to bring yourself up to date and participate in the events of this season, and at the same time help pass on the season’s information to your friends.
With a budget of over a million dollars, this Season owes a lot to the commitment of Singaporean foundations and companies as well as European companies. To them, I extend my utmost thanks.

Let me conclude by saying that I welcome your comments and suggestions about this Season (webmestre@ambafrance-sg.org) as well as any information you would like to provide concerning European projects which have not yet been embarked on in this Season, as we strive to improve on the Season’s contents for the years to come.

Pierre Buhler
Ambassador of France to Singapore

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