A French navy ship in Singapore

The Mistral-class landing helicopter dock (LHD) Dixmude is anchored at Changi naval base since April 24th. Its 6-day-long stay in Singapore is part of the “Jeanne d’Arc mission”, a 5-month deployment in the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea and the sea of Japan. The Jeanne d’Arc mission combines four objectives : an operational mission (the vessel evacuated around a hundred of French and foreign nationals from Yemen); a collaborative mission (interoperability with major allies and bilateral training with the local navies); a large-scale mission (naval support for diplomacy and exports) and a training mission for the 146 cadets on board.

The LHD Dixmude is the second largest ship of the French navy. It’s an amphibious ship which can transport up to 450 crew members and 16 sizable helicopters. It will remain in Singapore until April 30th when it will head towards Shanghai, its next destination.

Crédits : Marine Nationale

Dernière modification : 28/04/2015

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