A series of conferences by Eberhard Kienle on the Middle-East

The French Embassy in Singapore and the Middle East Institute of the National University of Singapore (NUS) are pleased to invite Dr. Eberhard Kienle (Director of the French Near-East Institute or IFPO) for a series of conferences.

Dr. Eberhard Kienle will first discuss the economic and social policies of the Middle-East in the post – Arab Spring era (20 January 2015, NUS campus).

On 21 January 2015, he will conduct another talk at the French Embassy. Entitled “The Islamic State : Unprecedented Challenge or déjà Vu ? ”, this conference will put the current “Islamic State” in perspective, questioning its roots within the broader socio-historical context of the Middle-East.

More to be found here.

Website of the IFPO here.

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Dernière modification : 19/01/2015

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