Airline crew member visa

Airline crew member visa
Valid for Schengen area
You must apply at the Consulate of France in person.

ATTENTION - In certain cases, the processing time is 3 weeks for the issuance of a visa.

Because their countries are NOT signatories of the Chicago Convention of December 7th, 1944, on civil aviation, only the following nationals require a visa as a crew member;

Albania Mongolia
Belize Samoa
Bhutan St Kitts & Nevis
Dominica Tuvalu
Hong Kong

However, because of reciprocity, the following countries also require a visa as crew members:

  • Israel
  • United States of America

You may obtain a ‘Circulation Visa’ valid for several short stays within the period of 1 year.
ATTENTION: Only American and Israeli crew members are eligible for a visa valid up to 5 years.

The validity of your passport must exceed that of the visa you will obtain by at least 3 months.

Please submit the following in original and 1 copy per applicant

ATTENTION: The Visa Section does not provide photocopying services, you must bring along all your documents and the required copies when you enter or you will have to re-join the queue.


- 1 application form and 1 recent passport-sized photograph. The form must be completely and legibly filled out in black or blue ink, signed and dated. The photo must be recent (2,5cm x 3,5cm), clearly showing the face, the forehead hairline and ears on a white background.

- Passport (+ 1 copy of identity page) valid for at least six months from the date of application. Be sure the passport has blank "visa" pages left to affix the visa.

- Proof of Employment (+ 1 copy)
letter from the airline stating the name and employee number of the crew member and that they require this visa as a ‘Personnel Navigant’,
your valid crew member Identification Card.

Click on the links below to download the documents:

Application Form (English)
Application Form (French)

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