Attractivity, a shared goal to expand employment and activity in France

With 20 000 foreign enterprises in the country and 700 new job-creating foreign investment projects annually, France is a major destinationfor direct foreign investments. In a global environment characterised by a growing mobility of international capital and talents and by increased competition between economies, the Government wishes to strengthen the leading role of France in Europe for industrial investments and to improve its performance in other value-creating investments. It sets a combined objective of 1000 investment projects targeted annually at France by 2017 and the annual influx of 300 companies yet to be established in France.

The Government thus places the attractivity of our country and of our economy at the heart of the recovery policy which it has undertaken with the National Pact for growth, competitiveness and employment.

To attain these objectives, the Government will first ensure the implementation of key measures of the Pact which will enhance the attractivity of France, especially :

- the implementation of tax credit for competitiveness and employment from January 2013;

- the establishment of five essential fiscal measures for companies, in particular, of the research tax credit and the streamlining of processes and of the administrative requirements of companies;

- the financing of enterprises and of innovation, owing to the Public Bank of Investment and to new investments of the future dedicated to breaking innovations and the technologies of the future.

Furthermore, the Government undertakes to :

1. Facilitate the influx of foreign talents and professional visitors, with the implementation of a new "Talent Passport" which increases the efficiency, streamlining and consistency of existing registration processes;

2. Attract long term investors and build partnerships based on sustainable investment projects in France, which are necessary for the French economy and productive recovery.

3. Create digital and environmental excellence of new factors of attractivity, especially due to the deployment of very high speed internet, the creation of digital sectors and the development of projects for sustainable cities;

4. Promote the image of France and its territories as the "French brand" as a unifying tool to assist in the competitiveness of the companies and the attractivity of our country and to pursue campaigns such as "Say yes to France".

The attractivity of our country and of our economy is a shared goal. To attain the ambitious quantitative and qualitative objectives which the Government has set, all the players in the public policy for the attractivity of the territory, Ministries, State departments and agencies, local authorities and regional development agencies, must work together.

Lastly, the strategic Council for the attractivity met at the end of the first semester of 2013. This meeting gathered around twenty of the heads of international groups who were consulted on their assessment of the competitiveness of France and who were invited to put forward recommendations to increase the attractivity of our country.

Dernière modification : 17/01/2014

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