Belle de Jour unique screening in Singapore


Belle de Jour is one of the six films lined up for Perspectives 2012.
Awarded the Golden Lion in Venice in 1967, Belle de Jour is about Severine, a married woman who is unable to bring herself to be physically intimate with her husband and ends up leading a dual life, working in a brothel in the afternoons, and being a chaste wife to her husband outside her improbable profession.

The Perspectives Film Festival: Breakthroughs in Cinema returns this year from 8 to 11 November with another exciting and daring theme – sexuality.

Organised annually by students from Nanyang Technological University, Perspectives 2012 will feature films that explore sexuality’s impact and influence on love, fear, death, psychology, gender relations and deviance.

Hailing from various countries including France, Romania, and Korea, the films demonstrate how sexuality is not independent of daily life, but rather, an integral part of it. The films curated aim to explore the complexities of human nature and showcase the multiple ways that directors from a variety of cultures and time periods have approached the topic.


Time and date

9 November – 8pm


National Museum of Singapore

93 Stamford Road

Admission and booking


Presented by Perspectives Film Festival 2012

Supported by Institut français

Director: Luis Buñuel / Cast: Catherine Deneuve / Rating: M18

Photo copyrights: Tamasa Diffusion

Dernière modification : 09/11/2012

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