Biomedical imaging, center of interest on 24th-25th February 2011 via the laboratory IPAL


In association with the University Paris-Descartes (UPD) and the National University of Singapore (NUS), the CNRS (France) and A*STAR (Singapore)’s IPAL lab, organized an international two-day workshop on bio-imaging in Biopolis on 24 and 25 February. The master of ceremony of the SFBI (Singaporean-French BioImaging Seminar) was Dr Nicolas Lomenie, who was also the event organizer and an IPAL researcher.

The aim of this joint workshop was to initiate new academic and research collaborations and relied on the participation of three partner research centers : University Paris Descartes (UPD), a well-known university in Biological and Medical research and National University of Singapore (NUS), one of the world leading universities in Science and Engineering and Biopolis center (A*STAR).

Dr Mathias Fink, director of the Langevin Institute/ESPCI in Paris, professor within this laboratory and member of the French Academy of Sciences, gave the seminar’s opening speech. The two days of the seminar focused on new existing techniques in Biomedical imaging and the types of equipment available at A*STAR and UPD. Guest speakers were from NUS, A*STAR, UPD, CNRS but also from foreign institutes as the Institute Pasteur of South Korea and the University of Bangkok. Their presence gave the opportunity to explore potential collaborations or to share their experiences, thereby facilitating a deeper academic approach on the subject. The University Paris Descartes publicized a new BioMedical Engineering Master Program conducted entirely in English and involves several major engineering high schools. It is open to all foreign students, including Singaporeans.
To conclude this seminar, the research funding opportunities in France and Singapore, have been presented by the French Embassy in order to facilitate future potential collaborations.

This workshop has been supported financially by A*STAR, the CNRS and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs through the Merlion program and the JCO call.
The proceedings of the seminar will be published in the series “Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing, Springer.

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