" Boeing Boeing " , from French playwright Marc Camoletti, at Drama Centre

Director Glen Goei has suitably adapted the French farce by playwright Marc Camoletti to an Asian context, harnessing national stereotypes to hilarious results. The play, which is in English, involves Bernard (played by sleeky louche Adrian Pang) who juggles three fiancées who are air stewardesses from Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines and Japan Airlines.


They are wheeled in and out of the house with mathematical precision according to his knowledge of their flight schedules.

By some feet of coordination, they never meet. But due to some unforeseen circumstances -the introduction of a better plane and the volcanic ash cloud, the three land at the same time, and Bernard’s plan threatens to fall apart.

Where : Drama Centre Theatre, National Library Building

When : Till September 4th, 8pm (Tuesday - Sunday), also 3pm ( Saturday & Sunday)

Please visit www.wildrice.com.sg for more details.

Dernière modification : 13/08/2010

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