Call for applicants : Medias 21 Asia

During the French President’s trip to Manila, the call for applicants for the Medias 21 Asia project was launched. This project aims to support the ASEAN mass media on global warming issues in view of the Paris Climat 2015 conference.

The project is intended for the ASEAN mass media (print, television, radio, online media or blogs) which already possess prior experience in dealing with environmental issues.

The project has a dual purpose :

- To support editors in their editorial and economic strategy on this topic.

- To support journalists keen on these issues in their expertise in investigative techniques on concrete examples of positive local initiatives.

Each interested medium must submit a joint application for an editor and one or several journalists with a specific investigative project on a local initiative which demonstrates global warming issues.

The details for the call for projects on Medias 21 Asia is available at

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