Commissioning of a Marine Seismic Vessel - 17 April 2011


On 17 April 2011, as a VIP guest at Raffles Marina, His Excellency, French Ambassador to Singapore, Mr Olivier Caron attended the commissioning and christening of a marine seismic vessel, the product of a joint venture between PT Elnusa Tbk and CGGVeritas. The Joint Venture Company named PT Elnusa-CGGVeritas Seismic will conduct marine seismic surveys in Asia Pacific region, in particular Indonesia. Other VIP guests during the commissioning included the CEO of CGGVeritas Jean-Georges Malcor, the CEO of PT Elnusa Tbk. Suharyanto, representatives of Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia, Indonesia Executive Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas, PT Pertamina and PT Benakat Petroleum Energy Tbk.

“PT Elnusa Tbk. has been investing significantly in marine seismic survey services, in line with the increasing demand for offshore and deep sea oil and gas reserves exploration and exploitation,” says Suharyanto, CEO of PT Elnusa Tbk. “PT Elnusa Tbk. has estimated revenue earnings of USD 55 million between 2011-2012 from both Indonesian and Asia Pacific marine seismic markets,” added Suharyanto.

The establishment of PT Elnusa-CGGVeritas Seismic to jointly operate the seismic vessel is one of PT Elnusa Tbk.’s long-term strategies to focus on integrated upstream oil and gas services. PT Elnusa Tbk.’s strength in geoscience seismic marine is proven by its expertise and equipment availability that will be fully operational at the end of Q2 2011. “We are optimistic we will be able to dominate the Indonesian and Asia Pacific marine seismic markets with our pioneering Indonesian-flagged seismic ship,” commented Suharyanto. Besides the Indonesian market, PT Elnusa Tbk. is also aggressively trying to penetrate the Asia Pacific market in line with the increasing demand by Southeast Asian countries for exploration and exploitation of offshore and deep sea oil and gas reserves. This vessel will first operate in Vietnam territorial waters before proceeding to Indonesia.

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