Conference by linguist Louis-Jean Calvet in Singapore (21-22 April)

Louis-Jean Calvet visited Singapore from 21 to 23 April to participate in an international seminar organised by the Regional Language Centre (RELC) of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation (SEAMEO). This annual seminar on linguistics – the 43rd – assembled more than 500 teachers from 25 countries. This year’s theme covered “Language Teaching in a Multilingual World: Challenges and Opportunities”( Mr. Calvet’s contribution was on “Globalisation: a gravitational presentation of the world linguistic situation” (in English) on Tuesday, 22 April at 10.55am.

Louis-Jean Calvet also gave a conference on “Languages and Globalization” in English at the Alliance Française de Singapour on 21 April at 7.30am.

These presentations, supported by the French Embassy in Singapore, served to promote French research in the area of linguistics.

Extract: There are around 5,000 languages spoken across the world today, but the languages that coexist in our multilingual world have varied functions and fulfil various roles…They do not have the same value, and their inequality is at the heart of the way they are organized across the world. Louis-Jean Calvet, one of the foremost sociolinguists working today, develops an ecological approach to language in order to analyse the changing structure of the world language system

Louis-Jean Calvet is a French linguist, who taught at the "université de Paris V (Sorbonne)" before becoming a professor at the “Université de Provence (Aix-en-Provence)”. From the time of his early publications (Linguistic and colonialism in which he introduced the concept of glottophagie), he has been analysing the relationship between linguistic speech and colonial speech on language, the ties between language and power (War of Words 1987) and the role of language of the city (Voices of the City 1994). He is also at the roots of the French socio-linguistics, of which he is one of its most renowned proponents, and therefore invited to numerous universities throughout the four corners of the world.

A close collaborator of the “Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie” (OIF), as well as the Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking organisations, Calvet also works on linguistic policies defending linguistic diversity. With Jean Véronis, he also analyzes French political speeches, in particular those made by President Sarkozy in the 2006 presidential campaign (2008).

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