FIVE - the French Innovative & Vibrant Experience for Singapore’s Brightest Talents

What is FIVE

Scholarship programme jointly financed by Singapore-based French companies, Singapore universities and institutions of higher learning and the Institut Français de Singapour of the French Embassy in Singapore

Who is FIVE for

The brightest students from Singapore, who will receive a scholarship to study or do an internship in France

Why choose FIVE

FIVE is specially geared towards to the needs and objectives of the following three groups involved, with a focus that complements the requirements of all.

For French companies, FIVE

1. gives your company unparalleled access to the best and brightest Singapore-based students

2. trains future business collaborators for you, who have specific skill sets required by your company

3. creates a pool of young rising business talents, operational from the start, who are familiar with the French way of life and doing business

4. helps you to strengthen ties with the best academic institutions of Singapore

For students, FIVE

1. gives you the advantage of an all-rounded and specialised education or training for a career in your chosen field, especially in French companies

2. offers you a seamless integration into French companies that are leaders in their respective domains, both at the national and international levels

3. moulds you into an accomplished and sought-after professional, with a value-added international experience

4. provides an opportunity for you to experience for yourself the « French way of life » through French culture and language.

For Singaporean Universities and Institutions of Higher Education, FIVE

1. helps you integrate into a Franco-Singaporean public-private sector network to facilitate joint partnerships

2. offers your students employment possibilities with fast growing French multi-national companies in the region

3. gives your best students top notch training opportunities in France, resulting in better recruitment prospects for them

Who qualifies for the FIVE programme

1. all Singapore-based French companies, regardless of industry, who wish to offer scholarships or grants for internship periods between 3 and 12 months, or for studies

2. all universities, specialised schools, polytechnics in Singapore, who will identify the most brilliant students

3. bright students from Singapore from all study disciplines and levels of study (preferably Master, but bachelor’s and diploma are also welcome).

Contact :

To participate in this programme, come talk to us at the Institut Français de Singapour


Science and Higher Education Attaché

French Embassy in Singapore

101-103 Cluny Park Road

Singapore 259595

Email :

Tel : +65 6880 7823

Mobile : +65 9822 8725

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