France + Singapore New Generation Artists 2011

Welcome to the inauguration of the 3rd France + Singapore New Generation Artists 2011, hosted by the Alliance Française of Singapore, at the Société Générale’s Private Banking Gallery.

I like the “+” sign in the title of the exhibition, because “+” means “more”, implying that together, when we join our hands, French and Singaporeans, we can go further.

“+” is also the sign of a crossroad, and indeed, the Alliance Française and this gallery are at a real crossroad where French and Singaporean people and artists can meet to exchange and to express themselves.

As you know, nothing is done without a bit of competition in Singapore. So here we have the France + Singapore new generation artists’ competition as a great platform to spot new talent from both countries.

- This year, the Jury decided to give Honourable mention to Lydia Wong

Ms. Lydia Wong

Lydia Wong has worked as an arts educator in various local art education institutes such as Lasalle Art College and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore since 1996.

She graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a MFA in Fine Arts (Painting) and has also worked with various commercial entities in the areas of design and new media.

Lydia’s work is a hybrid of different mediums ranging from digital imaging, fine arts painting, text to found objects and images. Her works are an on-going exploration of media influences, Asian culture and the female identity in our modern day environment.

Lydia, a statement on one of your paintings exhibited here, “Risk is a luxury”, makes me think that if risk is a luxury, it is a necessary luxury. You, artists, must take risks to create.

Congratulations Lydia

- And the winner of the competition this year is: Isabelle Desjeux

Ms. Isabelle Desjeux

Isabelle Desjeux has been living in Singapore for 12 years.

She was born in Tunisia and grew up in France. She studied Life Sciences and initially worked as a scientist.

It’s in Singapore that she was reborn, as an artist in 2000, and gave up scientific experiments for artistic ones. She completed a Masters in Arts (Fine Arts) at Lasalle College of the Arts

Isabelle crosses borders, not only between countries, but also between different aspects of human genius – science and art.

That’s the reason why Isabelle Dejeux’s artistic exploration takes place in laboratories, where she collects failures, scientific failures.

This reminds us that, in order to be able to succeed, we must fail before.

Isabelle is able to find and to portray the beauty – and humour - that lie in failures :
I would like to imagine that all of us, human beings, are the outcome of a failure : a few million years ago, an unfortunate monkey fell to the ground and failed to climb back up on his tree. He had to learn quickly how to walk on his back legs in order to escape from the sarcastic remarks of his fellow monkeys.

Thank you, Isabelle, for reminding us of the beauty and necessity of failure.

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