France remains the top global tourist destination in 2014

In 2014, France remains the top tourist destination in the world with 83.7 millions of visitors, which represents a slight raise of 0.1% of arrivals compared to 2013.

There is a major increase of the “distant” clientele (+8.7%), especially from Asia (+16%), due to the implementation of a faster visa delivery process for Chinese tourists (“visa in 48 hours”).

In a statement on April 7 2015, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius highlighted that these positive results spur the further development of important efforts undertaken in 2014 by the French Foreign ministry, with the other concerned ministries, to simplify visa administrative procedures for tourists, to improve the information for tourists, their reception in France and the visibility of the French touristic offer.

Photo: Arena of Nimes

Dernière modification : 27/04/2015

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