French DJ Laurent Garnier is back for a 4-hour set special at Zouk

Long awaited, indeed ! The undeniable French godfather of Techno returns to man Zouk’s main room, with fresh offerings and for an extended time of bliss with L.B.S (Live.Booth. Sessions). The fruit of his labor, a new, club oriented project that combines the versatility and flexibility of the DJ set with the ability to experiment tracks ‘live’, L.B.S is a 3-man show led by Laurent Garnier (DJ & machines), Benjamin Rippert (keyboards) and Stephane "Scan X" Dri (machines). Undergoing constant reinvention to get even closer to the punters, Laurent proves there are even more surprises (and rewards) in store for discerning ears.


Date : Friday 18 February

Venue : Zouk

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