French International Cooperation in Nuclear Safety Standards and Transparency by H.E. Olivier Caron, French Ambassador to Singapore


H.E. Mr. Olivier Caron will be speaking on “French International Cooperation in Nuclear Safety Standards and Transparency” on 18 May 2012 from 10.30am to 12.00pm at the National University of Singapore.

Organised by the Energy Studies Institute, Mr. Caron will discuss the necessary conditions for safe and transparent cooperation in nuclear energy at a time when several countries carry out or consider civilian nuclear power development plans, and the importance for governments and operators to learn from each other’s technological and administrative experiences, and to be continually adapting to new developments in standards in order to ensure the safe and sustainable use of this technology.

For many years, France has shared its expertise around the world with countries which already have nuclear power plants or are considering this option. France has a well-established and comprehensive training system for all the technical aspects of nuclear power plant operation, as well as in its regulation and administration. The French Commission for Atomic and Alternative Energies, ANDRA (for waste treatment and disposal), ASN (an independent nuclear safety authority), AREVA (a leading global nuclear vendor), and EDF (an inter-national nuclear facilities operator), are some of the many internationally renowned French institutions involved. France also plays an active role in multilateral initiatives concerning nuclear safety, as a member of the IAEA board and as a member of EURATOM.

This talk will showcase the role of international cooperation to fulfill the imperative of ensuring human and environmental safety and security at all nuclear power plants.

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