French artist Fabienne Verdier exceptional first show in Singapore


Fabienne Verdier transcends borders, bridging Asian philosophy with Western minimal abstraction which she had later revisited. As the only French artist who has ever mastered traditional ink painting, Verdier has dedicated almost a decade to spending her life in China for an apprenticeship with master calligraphers in the 1980’s, as related in her bestselling novel Passagère du Silence. More than honing her craft, she had left with a heart of asceticism and a profound understanding that beneath the trajectory of a brush stroke lies the spirit of life.

For her Southeast Asian premiere, Fabienne Verdier explores the theme of abstract landscapes inspired by her journey by the coastline of Norway. Verdier seeks inspiration from the living – the movement of life forces through stone and soil. Encapsulating the transience of things, Verdier’s forms are restrained yet spontaneous. An other part of the exhibition pays homage to early Flemish masters of the 15th Century, she transcribes the essence of her being onto the canvas with bright flashes of colours. Ultimately, the seeds that she had sowed had bloomed into her own artistic language.

Fabienne Verdier: A Solo Exhibition

Dates: 25 January - 9 March 2013

Venue: Art Plural Gallery

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