French artist Thibaut Camdessus to exhibit ArtLite

For his first show in Singapore, “Point and Line to plane, A Tribute to Kandinsky”, Thibaut Camdessus presents 22 digital prints, 4 light boxes and a new art form for the ArtLite. He focuses on combining abstract elements with photography. The photographs are used as sample elements, just like musicians use sample sound loops to compose new pieces. As a center piece of the show a prototype of a new Art form is making is being presented for the first time. ArtLite is made of an engraved glass body illuminated by points and lines of light.


Dates: 11 - 27 May 2012 from 10 am to 6pm everyday

Venue: John Erdos Art, 6B Dempsey Road

Dernière modification : 07/05/2012

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