French movie "Beautiful lies" in Singapore

One fine spring morning, Emilie received a love letter. It’s beautiful, inspired, but it’s also anonymous. She initially throws it into the trash can, before realising that it could be the way to rescue her mother, who has become isolated and alone since her husband died. Without thinking further, she immediately sends the letter on to her.


But Emilie doesn’t yet know that Jean, her shy employee, is the letter’s author. She certainly doesn’t imagine that her rash gesture will cast them into a series of misunderstandings and entanglements that will soon get out of hand.

Directed by Pierre Salvatori with famous french actors Audrey Tautou and Nathalie Baye in the main leads.

Dates: From 7 July

Venue: Exclusively at Cinema Europa

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Dernière modification : 23/06/2011

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