I AM SPECIAL – The World of Autism by Olivier Coulange

"It’s an endless story, with no dialogue.
Time is suspended, without a future, nor a past, nor really a present.
It is a world where I am a stranger, or may be strange… "

Olivier Coulange

In conjunction with Voilah! Festival 2012, I Am Special – The World of Autism is a photography exhibition that aims to raise the awareness of autism in Singapore. The exhibition comprises two shows that capture the lives of autistic people in both France and Singapore. First, Antonin, A Life With Autism which documents the life of an 18-year-old French boy, by acclaimed French journalistic photographer Olivier Coulange, and second, Relating With Others, Shaping Their Worlds, which offers a local perspective through the photos of patients at the St Andrews Autism Centre by Jimmy Lam, an international award-winning photographer.

The exhibition presents 45 photographs, organised around 8 themes in Antonin’s life:

Tenderness, tantrums, mum, walks, dad, water, hospital and grandfather.

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Date & Time

Event Timing: 10am – 10pm

Starting Date: 26 Nov 2012

End Date: 16 Dec 2012



The Arts House

1 Old ParliamentLane

Singapore 179429


Free admission


Photo Copyrights: Olivier Coulange

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