International Human Rights Day 10 th December 2010


Today marks the 62th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This fundamental text, issued on 10 December 1948, proclaimed these rights at worldwide level for the very first time, placing the first, albeit still largely theoretical, limit on the absolute sovereignty of states. France played an important role on this occasion. The theme for this year’s Human Rights Day is Human Rights Defenders who act to end discrimination. Click here for further details

As French Ambassador for Human rights François Zimeray underlines, "If I had to summarise what France does for human rights in a nutshell, I would say that it consists in transforming human rights into actual rights, by which I mean going from the ideal as it is invoked to the law as it is applied.(...) France’s commitment to the cause of human rights stems from an obsession to serve not only the principles attached to its name but also the interests of the children, women and men who place their hope in it. " Click here for further details

For further information on democratic governance and human rights, please refer to :

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International Human Rights

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