International Year for Family Farming


The General Assembly of the United Nations has proclaimed 2014 to be the "International year of Family Farming", especially for highlighting public opinion, strengthening communications and international cooperation, as well as supporting this agriculture.
Family farming, although diversified (different sizes, systems of production and organisation), has a common thread : this mode of production places man at the heart of the system of production and decision-making. They are characterised by a strong link between family and production unit, as well as between productive capital and family heritage.

Family farming produces more than 70% of food production and involves a considerable proportion of natural resources. This agricultural model, characterised by its diversity and resilience, is able to provide answers to food, social and environmental challenges. The recognition and support for family farming are indispensable to fight against poverty and to construct sustainable development.

France actively promotes the topic of family farming within the gµ20 framework. The first meeting of the G20 development group which was held on 16 - 17 December 2013 in Sydney has confirmed the role of France as co-facilitator for "food security" with Japan and Australia as well as co-president for the G20 development group.

Dernière modification : 17/02/2014

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