Liaison Officer attached to the Information Fusion Centre

History and Presentation of IFC

Inaugurated on the 27 April 2009, the IFC was created at the initiative of the Singapore Navy to strengthen maritime security in Southeast Asia while constructing a joint image of maritime security at the regional level via a regular exchange of information between the various partners.

This initiative takes an innovative form thanks to collaborative work among the members who include a majority of foreign liaison officers (16 countries : Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam) with Singaporean navy personnel.

Other than regular exchanges of information and daily tactical discussions, research, verification and analyses of events are carried out.

The IFC also develops exchanges with several maritime centres or agencies in more than 35 countries (Norway, Italy, South Africa, Canada….) which enable strong ties to be maintained with the global maritime community.

Based on Singapore’s position as the port of entry and exit for maritime traffic and trade, the IFC has also developed strong ties with the group of maritime actors established in Singapore. A joint meeting is organised by IFC around every three months. This allows current issues to be discussed, trends to be studied and security issues encountered by shipowners and navigators to be better addressed.

Role and Mission

The French liaison officer is dedicated to the operations of the IFC. He takes part in the daily situation monitoring, in analysis work and review and develops links with all the actors of the maritime community. He is also the point of contact for French shipowners and navigators who are present in the region. He provides them with information on regional maritime security.

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