Love Season by Sandie Dussault

Sandie Dussault, an acclaimed French painter and actress who was born in Paris, has
featured in several movies and TV series in Paris.


She studied in the Ecole of the Louvre (the famous Parisian Museum) as well as in various
workshops such as The City Lit of London. And finally Drama at The Actor Studio and Cours
Florent in Paris.

She first worked in portraits, nudes and clowns. Since a child, she has been fascinated by the paradox of clowns : between their smiling faces and their melancholic hearts.
Since 2000 Sandie has been working on “The Seasons of the Heart” and “The Heart in all the State of Mind” which is a colourist work and intends to describe the many wanderings of the heart across an emotional scope and the place of the heart and our feelings in our societies.

She has lived in London and Singapore but now is currently based in Paris.

Her artworks have been exhibited in the following :

• JKD Gallery, Singapore - 2002 and 2003

• Les Glaneurs Paris - 2007/2008

• Salon Jacques Dumont, Paris - 2008

• Barclays Bank, Paris - 2009

• Art Loft Gallery, Singapore - 2009

• La Villa Lys, Paris - 2010

• Grand Marché de l’Art Contemporain, Paris – 2010
(Big Market of Contemporary Art, Paris)

• Amara Hotel, Singapore - 2011

We welcome you to come and experience a day of the hearts this year by attending Ms Dussault’s LOVE SEASON Exhibition. You can also purchase a beautiful piece of your choice heart painting to your loved ones to show them that they mean everything to you the whole year round and not just one day a year on Valentine’s Day.

Each breath, each moment, each glimpse is a celebration of LOVE !

Venue : Amara Singapore, Hotel Lobby

Period of Exhibition : 11th Feb till 28th Feb 2011

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