Message of the Ambassador, 28 December 2007

Dear Visitors to this website,

In my last message at the end of summer, I had announced a main event for the holiday season : the opening, at the National Museum of Singapore, of the masterpieces of ancient Greek art from the Louvre Museum. They have been on display there since 9 December and a visit of the 130 exceptional art works is a visual feast for the eyes as well as a journey into the roots of Western art. They will be on display there until 16 March and will, after a final stop-over in Macau, return to the renovated galleries of the Louvre to stay there for quite some time. You will find all the details on this website of the Embassy.

The Christmas season also brings an end to a quarterly period very active on the political front too, since we have welcomed successively, within a few weeks, the French Foreign Minister, Mr. Bernard Kouchner, and the Secretary of State in charge of Foreign Affairs and Human Rights, Ms. Rama Yade. The two visits, which were also aimed at discussing the situation in Burma and at celebrating the 30th anniversary of relations between the European Union and ASEAN, have given an added boost to an already strong and dense bilateral relationship. I have good faith that it will further develop in 2008 which, in its second half, will be the year of the French Presidency of the European Union. Here in Singapore, due to the absence of a Slovenian Embassy, France will assume this function from the 1st of January.

It remains for me to wish you a very Happy New Year of happiness, health and prosperity to you and all your loved ones. And it is the Venus of Arles, in the form of a virtual card, who will convey to you my wishes.

Pierre Buhler
Ambassador of France to Singapore


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