Nobel Prizes awarded to Frenchmen Patrick Modiano and Jean Tirole

Below are the declarations by the French President and the Minister for Foreign Affairs for the award of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Mr Patrick Modiano and the Nobel Prize in Economics to Mr Jean Tirole :

Patrick Modiano, Nobel Prize in Literature

9 octobre 2014

The President of the Republic of France conveys his warmest congratulations to Patrick Modiano. The Nobel Prize in Literature which was recently awarded to him, embodies considerable work which explores the subtleties of the memory and the complexity of identity.

Ever since the "Place de l’Etoile", which was published in 1968, he has received numerous prizes and rewards, in particular the Goncourt for "Rue des boutiques obscures" in 1978. He took his readers into the deep troubles of the dark period of the Occupation. Additionally, he sought to comprehend how the events led individuals to lose as much as to reveal themselves.

The President pays tribute to his publisher, Gallimard, which has been with him since his first publication.

Patrick Modiano has equally contributed to numerous films inspired by his novels, especially "Lacombe Lucien" by Louis Malle.

The French Republic is proud, through this Nobel Prize, of the global recognition of one of our greatest writers. Patrick Modiano is the fifteenth French to receive this eminent distinction, thus confirming the wide reach of our literature.

Jean Tirole, Nobel Prize in Economics

13 octobre 2014

Declaration by Laurent Fabius

I address my warmest congratulations to Jean Tirole, who has recently been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics.

One of the most eminent French economists has thus been rewarded. Academic, President and Founder of the School of Economics in Toulouse to which he is devoted since the nineties, Jean Tirole has demonstrated over the course of his works the importance of an efficient regulation of markets. In the economically troubled world of today, his works are an invaluable tool.

Following the award of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Patrick Modiano, this distinction constitutes a new milestone in the influence of France in the world. It is the French excellence which has thus been recognized.

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