"Energy and Sustainable Cities" : a French Institute workshop

The French Institute in Singapore (IFS) and the Energy Studies Institute (ESI) [1] are co-organising a workshop on 24 October 2012 in Singapore on the theme "Energy and Sustainable cities".

The objective of this seminar is to promote an exchange of knowledge and know-how on various topics in this area between French and Singapore players.

On the French side, Mr. Kechemair, Independent Consultant for strategic energy, innovation and international partnerships, will be the keynote speaker across from Mr. Andrew TAN, Chief Executive Officer of the National Environment Agency (NEA) [2].

The following subjects are broached by a Singaporean speaker and a French national :

- the energy mix,

- energy in urban design,

- intelligent networks in urban design,

- solar energy in urban design,

- biomethanisation in urban design.

For further information, please click :

PDF - 876.7 kb

[1] http://www.esi.nus.edu.sg/

[2] http://app2.nea.gov.sg/index.aspx

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