Performance Scorecard 2010 on France’s Attractiveness (20 July 2010)

France is a major player in the field of international investments, being the third host country of foreign direct investments worldwide and the second European destination of job-creating foreign investments. More than 24,000 foreign firms have been set up in France, while 30,000 French enterprises have invested beyond the Hexagon.

The economic crisis has heightened competition among the European nations, which have mobilised to attract projects that would create employment. It has given focus to the fundamentals of the attractiveness : the depth of the market, the strength of the financial system, the quality of infrastruture and skills, the intensity of research and innovation activities, the efficiency of public services or the quality of life.

The international rankings, which are most often based on composite indices of competitiveness and on opinion surveys with heads of organisations, provide useful indicators on the relative attractiveness and competitiveness of economies, while taking into account persistent discrepancies between perception and reality.

In this context, the interministerial Delegation for Land Development and Regional Attractiveness, the general Treasury, the Strategic Analysis Centre and the Invest in France Agency, hoped to gather, in the "Scorecard 2010 on France’s attractiveness", economic data regarding globalisation, strategic activities, foreign skills as well as principal factors for location choices for job-creating international investments.

For each of these indicators, France is compared to eleven countries which are important in the field of international investments and which have the most active economic ties with France. The size and dynamism of the market, the quality of infrastructure and the level of skills and productivity of the workforce seem to be assets for France as a destination. Despite recent notable progress, its relative position is less favorable in terms of taxation and administration.

"This scorecard is an information tool as well as a track on France’s ranking in an environment which has been made more competitive by the economic crisis. The issue is well-known : more than 2.8 million jobs are ensured, in France, by subsidiaries of foreign firms, which are responsible for 40% of exports and 20% of research and development. It is vital to recognise these strong points, as well as areas to be improved upon, so as to better position France as a destination. The scorecard of 2010 will respond to this goal." as highlighted by David Appia, President of the Invest in France Agency.

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