Perrine Valli dance company presents "Déproduction" at M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2013


"Déproduction" evolved following choreographer Perrine Valli’s research residency "Villa Médicis Hors les murs" supported by CulturesFrance in Tokyo from September to December 2009. Through two engaging solo pieces, "Déproduction" raises the question of how culture influences the construction of identity. This French-Swiss production is the results of encounters between Perrine Vallie and the two Japanese dancers.

The first performance, by Kazuma Glen Motomura, is an account of the exchanges on dance between the choreographer and his dancer during this period. It explores the dancer’s profession and the political context in which he works, as well as a Japanese man’s position in this specific artistic context.

The second performance by Airi Suzuki recounts the story of an imaginary couple, Marc and Yukiko, where the themes of marriage, seduction, love experience and sexual life are explored and questions the issue of cultural imprinting on the development of female identity.

"Déproduction" by Perrine Valli / Association Sam-Hester

Dates: 24 to 25 January 2013 at 8pm

Venue: Esplanade Theatre studio

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