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France is the world’s top tourist destination with 83,7 million tourists in 2014. It represents 7% of France’s GDP. President Hollande termed tourism as “a major national cause”. The French government undertook a series of actions to make French tourism the best in the world, aiming to offer quality tourism to suit all tastes (gastronomical, shopping, memorial and cultural tourism, eco-tourism, etc.).

The most visited sites in France illustrate the extensive French touristic offer: Disneyland Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Chambord Castle are among them.

900,000 people work in the tourism industry in France and are dedicated to make your stay in our country the most enjoyable possible.

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DID YOU KNOW that France is a major skiing destination? In fact, France possesses the largest skiing area in the world. From December to April, you can enjoy the snow-capped summits of the Alps, the Pyrenees, among others. Even those who are not into skiing can spend unforgettable holidays in the French Mountains by hiking, enjoying traditional winter gastronomy or relaxing in fully equipped cabins.


You can also enjoy the French Mountains during summer as they are ideal places for hiking. National parks such as the Cévènnes, the Ecrins or the Mercantour, which were respectively created in 1970, 1973 and 1979, are famous for their beautiful trails. France developed national parks to protect the rich fauna and flora that they possess and to create awareness for sustainable development.

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DID YOU KNOW that during your holiday in France you can combine cultural and gustatory experiences while discovering our vineyards?

Have a unique taste of the French art de vivre by visiting vineyards around the country. Meet a wine producer in his cellar and share his passion, walk or cycle along hillsides, take a delightful walk with the family, wake up in a B&B or boutique hotel and discover a famous vineyard. If these holidays are not the best time to get familiar with wine tasting, when would it be? In the vineyards, many wine producers are willing to share their knowledge through wine tasting sessions.

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