Simplified procedure for Schengen business visa applications for employees of member companies of the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (FCCS)

In order to facilitate business relations between France and Singapore, the Embassy of France in Singapore and the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore have signed an agreement to reduce the paperwork for the Schengen business visa application to be presented by employees of member companies of the FCCS.

As of 1 December 2011, the documents required to apply for a business visa to the Schengen region by employees of a company member of the FCCS are:

Upon first request and renewed as requred :

o A signed letter designating the manager (s) of the company (name and function) authorized to sign the engagement letter of the employee who has to travel to the Schengen region;

Upon each application:

o a photocopy of the current year’s FCCS directory about the company;

o the visa application form, completed and signed, with a photo ID;

o the employee’s engagement letter, signed by the authorized officer, stating:

* the employee’s marital status;

* his (her) function within the company, date of commencement of employment and salary level;

* the dates and reason for travel;

* the payment of travel and accomodation expenses;

* the purchase of personal insurance valid for all Schengen countries and covering the costs of hospitalization and repatriation at a minimum level of € 30,000;

o the original invitation letter from the company in France indicating the employee’s marital status, dates and reasons for travel.

The letters must bear the company’s letterhead and must be written in English or French. The employee must submit his application in person for the mandatory fingerprint capture required for the issuance of the biometric visa.

If an employee is to travel regularly to France, the company is requested to state it so that a circulation visa, valid between 1 and 5 years, within the validity period of the applicant’s passport and residence permit in Singapore, can be issued.

This procedure does not create any exception to the processing time required for certain nationalities subject to consultation by one or more Schengen partners.

Dernière modification : 01/08/2014

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