Singapore-France Jazz Alliance Concerts

Featuring the Jeremy Monteiro Trio and Special Guests
Nicolas Folmer and Sylvain Beuf
In celebration of the Month of Francophonie, the
Alliance Française de Singapour and Showtime
Productions Pte Ltd present the Singapore-France Jazz
Alliance Concerts, featuring Jeremy Monteiro, Christy
Smith, Soh Wen Ming from Singapore and special guests
Nicolas Folmer and Sylvain Beuf from France. A concert
not to be missed by jazz lovers !

The Concert
The Singapore-
France Jazz Alliance
was created as
part of the annual
the cultural and
linguistic diversity
of the Frenchspeaking
society that is celebrated worldwide.
First of its kind, The Singapore-France Jazz Alliance
Concert was shaped with the hope that this musical
bridge between Singapore and France will bring
forth future collaborations amongst jazz musicians in
Singapore and other countries. Although this start of
series of musical connections is also a first collaboration
for concert sponsors SACEM (Société des auteurs,
compositeurs et éditeurs de musique) and COMPASS
(Composers & Authors Society of Singapore), there
already is a mutual intention to hold another Singapore-
France Jazz Alliance Concert in Paris later this year.
SACEM was established in 1850 and is recognized
as the foremost composers and authors society in
France, while COMPASS represents the community of
composers and authors in Singapore.
Stemmed from many new beginnings, The Singapore-
France Jazz Alliance Concert will feature the Jeremy
Monteiro Trio alongside special guests Nicolas Folmer
and Sylvain Beuf. They will be showcasing refreshing
originals, jazz standards by renowned French composers
and Singapore folk songs arranged in jazz style.

Jeremy Monteiro


Jazz Pianist, composer, crooner and educator
(Singapore) - Jeremy is regarded as one of the
foremost jazz pianists in Asia and has been referred
to as Singapore’s King of Swing by the Singaporean,
Malaysian, Thai and Japanese press. In 2007, he
celebrated his 30th anniversary as a professional jazz
musician. He has released more than 20 jazz albums as
leader and has played on numerous other jazz albums
by other jazz artists, including one by Grammy Award
winning jazz saxophonist Ernie Watts, which he also
produced. He is featured in more than 400 press articles
in publications at home and internationally.
He launched his international career playing on the
main-stage of the Montreux Jazz in 1988 with his group
“Monteiro, Young & Holt” together with original Ramsey
Lewis Trio members, bassist Eldee Young, drummer
Isaac Redd Holt, saxophonist John Stubblefield and
guitarist O’Donel Levy. The band received a 3-minute
standing ovation in a concert that was televised in many
countries. Jeremy is the first South East Asian to play the
main stage of the Montreux Jazz Festival.
He was listed in Prestige Magazine 2008 list of
Singapore’s 50 most influential people. He has received
the pinnacle award in Arts Achievement in Singapore,
the Cultural Medallion, the first pianist and first jazz
musician in Singapore to be given this accolade.
Besides running his companies, Showtime Productions
Pte Ltd and Jazznote Records, he also serves as a Board
Member of the National Arts Council and a founder and
Director of the copyright administration company, the
Composers & Authors Society of Singapore.

Christy Smith

Christy Smith has been
involved in the jazz scene
in Singapore since 1993. He
is not only an accomplished
professional bassist, he is
also a composer, arranger
and teacher. Currently
performing as the in-house
bassist with his band
Chromazone at Harry’s
International Quayside, he
has played alongside with
well-known jazz artistes
such as Wynton Marsalis, Ernie Watts, Eric Marienthal,
Terumaso Hino, Paul Jackson Jr., Eric McCain, Jeremy
Monteiro and many more. Besides Harry’s engagement,
Christy is also often involved in Singapore’s annual
Mosaic Festival. Before this, his versatility in both jazz
and classical music can be seen when he was once a
member of the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, performing
concerts with Sarah Vaughn, Anna Mofo, Jerome Rose
& Leonard Pennario. Also a member of the University
Symphony Orchestra under the baton of renowned
composer Aaron Copland, Christy performed Copland’s
celebrated compositions “Appalachian Sprint” & “Billy
The Kid Suite” with the orchestra. Christy is currently
teaching the double-bass and the bass guitar at LaSalle
College of the Arts and United World South East Asia.

Soh Wen Ming

Soh Wen Ming is a jazz
drummer who graduated
from the prestigious Berklee
College of Music. His
association with music
started when he was 12
years old in church. Later
on he got to hang with
many of Singapore’s best
jazz musicians such as
Jeremy Monteiro, Christy
Smith, Eddie Layman, Mei
Shuem and others. He also
studied for five years under one of Singapore’s greatest
drummers, the late Edmond Branson Jr. In 2006 Wen
Ming, with financial support from both the Berklee
College of Music and the Singapore National Arts
Council, began his journey at the Berklee College
of Music. In his time there he has studied with great
teachers such as Hal Crook, Ed Tomassi, Jon Hazilla,
Ian Froman, Dave Samuels and Ralph Peterson. Much
of his musical education also came in the form of
nightly jam sessions with top tier students in the
school. Wen Ming is currently the drummer for Jeremy
Monteiro’s Organ Trio which performs at Ink Bar,
Fairmont Singapore, every Tuesday. He hopes to always
involve himself in creative musical projects that reflect
the search for truth.

Nicolas Folmer

At 33, Nicolas Folmer is
considered as one of the
best jazz musicians of
his generation. After he
achieved his studies in the
CNSM in Paris, he obtained
the first prize and an award
in composition. From 1996
to 2000, he played in the
“Orchestre National de
Jazz” then founded with
Pierre Bertrand the Paris
Jazz Big Band known
throughout the world. They composed together the
projects of the orchestra, praised by the critics. After
he founded the band No Jazz, with Philippe Sellam,
which mixes jazz and electronic music, and he
recorded an album in New York produced by Teo
Macero (the famous producer of Miles Davies, Duke
Nicolas is regularly invited as a soloist by prestigious
artists ; he participates in many albums and tours as a
soloist and arranger, among them let’s quote Dee Dee
Bridgewater, Henry Salvador, Wynton Marsalis, Charles
Aznavour, Diana Krall, Natalie Cole, Claude Nougaro,
John Lewis, Georges Russell, Laurent Cugny, Ricardo del
Fra, André Cecarelli, Patrice Caratini, Louis Winsberg
and Minimo Garay. The year 2005 was the one of all
rewards for Nicolas : he was awarded for a Golden
Django for the wonderful record “I comme Icare”, a
second reward for the co-direction of the Paris Jazz Big
Band, and received also a Victory of Music. In 2006 a
new album in quartet was released “Fluide”. Nicolas
Folmer played several times with the composer Michel
Legrand after they recorded a project around his music,
where the quartet totally rearranged the music.

Sylvain Beuf

After his classical saxophone
studies in 1984, he became
fascinated by Charlie Parker
and John Coltrane. The same
year he joined the CIM (the
first jazz and contemporary
music school in Paris) where
he studied sax with Philippe
Maté, Claude Tissandier and
Jean Claude Forenbach. He
played in the wind section
with Bernard Maury who is
a protégé of Bill Evans. He
became a jazz professional in 1987 and joined Michel
Legrand, Martial Solal and Gerard Badini big bands. He
was considered the rising star of the jazz saxophone in
France in the early 90’s.
In 1994, he was awarded the “Django d’Or” for his first
album “Impro primo”. In 1995, he won the “Django
Reinhart prize” for the best musician for the year.
Inspired and creative composer, he performed in many
famous jazz groups with André Ceccarelli Quartet
with whom he released 3 albums : the “Moutin reunion
band” and “Hervé Sellin Sextet” and had played with
various well-known French and European musicians :
Daniel Humair, Aldo Romano, Henri Texier, Stéphane
and Lionel Belmondo, Richard Galiano, Gordon Beck,
Didier Lockwood, Boja Z, Stéphane Huchard, Jean-
Pierre Como, Emmanuel Bex, Billy Hart, Enrico Rava,
Paolo Fresu, Enrico Piranunzi…
He was awarded the most distinguished prize in France :
“Victoires de la Musique” as the new best jazz talent
of the year. He performs regularly with his groups at
festivals around the world (Coutances, Nice, Vienna,
Paris, Rome, Berlin, Brussels, Mexico city, Tunisia,
Rumania, Portugal, Lebanon, Senegal, Canada, United
States, Japan, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Ecuador and
Since 2000, he teaches jazz training courses in summer
at Lisieux in Normandy and in 2007 he was nominated
Jazz Director of the Versailles’ Academy of Music.

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