Singaporean Photojournalist narrates her trip to Perpignan

Cheryl Wee, freshly graduated from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological University and reporter at the Straits Times, has been invited by the French Embassy in conjunction with the "International Youth Meeting" to "Visa pour l’image" the international festival of photojournalism from 27 August to 11 September which takes place every year at Perpignan. She narrates to us her experience:

Some of the participants of the programme

"Before going to Perpignan, I never imagined the festival to be such a huge meeting and such a great celebration of photojournalism. And yet, this was real.

The exhibitions took place in amazing places in Perpignan, from convents to old churches, and they were above all that I have ever seen in museums here in Singapore. What really surprised me is to see so many people from different age groups so interested in these exhibitions.

In a house in Perpignan

Another amazing aspect, I had the chance to meet and stay with the 11 other participants of the programme and they come from all over the world: Algeria, Tel-Aviv, Bahrain, Lithuania, Russia, Korea and Rwanda.

The most unforgettable part of this trip were the open air projections during the night. In summer and under the starry night, with hundreds of people contemplating the images of events which happened this year in the world. This is something that I will not forget.

After 12 days, it was really hard to say goodbye to the friends I made during this programme.

And by being so well surrounded by French language during these 2 weeks, I fell in love with this language and I can’t wait to study and learn more on it.

Finally, after having seen such great pictures by talented people, I came back, more determined than ever, to continue my passion in photography. Even if I am now a reporter for a local newspaper, I will not give up at my dream to be a photographer."

Dernière modification : 05/10/2011

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