The Singaporean Air Force is honoured at the 14 July celebrations at the Residence

His Excellency, Mr Olivier Caron, Ambassador of France to Singapore, welcomed the Embassy’s French and Singaporean contacts at the Residence. The Singaporean authorities were represented by the Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Law and the Ministry of Home Affairs Prof Ho Peng Kee, as well as Members of Parliament Mdm Irene Ng and Mr Zaqy Mohamad.


Mdm Irene NG, Mr Olivier Caron, Mr Ho Peng Kee and Mr Zaqy Mohamad

Six Singaporean pilots of F16 fighter jets and KC135 refueling crafts, who returned from a three-week French-Indo-Singaporean “Garuda” exercise in Orange (Vaucluse), were honoured during this evening. They could attest to the strength of the ties and to the intensity of French-Singaporean cooperation in the field of defence, particularly with the presence of the Singaporean fighter pilot training school at Cazaux (Gironde).


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