The first Malraux Seminar in Singapore : 20 March 2012

Jointly organised by Singapore’s National Heritage Board, France’s Ministry of Culture and Communications and the Institut français Singapore, this one-day seminar held on 20 March at the Asian Civilisations Museum brought together French and Singapore culture and heritage professionals to engage in dialogue and is a platform for the sharing and exchange of ideas, expertise and experiences amongst museum and heritage professionals. The theme of the seminar, “Audience development in culture and the arts”, focused on policies and strategies to develop and engage audiences in the arts and cultural sector.

This seminar series which started in 1994, has been held in Taiwan, South Korea, USA and other countries. It is named after André Malraux, the former French Minister for Cultural Affairs, who was also a well-known novelist and art–theorist.

Mr Guillaume Boudy, Permanent Secretary from France’s Ministry of Culture and Communications, delivered the keynote speech together with Mr Liew Choon Boon, Senior Director (Industry and Arts) from the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts, Singapore

Mr Michael Koh, CEO/National Heritage Board, HE Olivier Caron, Ambassador of France to Singapore and Prof. Tommy Koh, Honorary Chairman of National Heritage Board and Distinguish Fellow, NHB Academy, opened the session.

Speakers included :

Mr Damien Cazé, Delegate Chief Executive, universcience

Ms Catherine Guillou, Director, Audience policy and Artistic Education, Le Louvre

Mr Vincent Poussou, Director of Digital Media and Audiences, Réunion des musées nationaux-Grand Palais.

Ms Jacqueline Eidelman, Head of the department of Audience Policy, Directorate general for Heritage, Ministry of Culture and Communications, France

Mr Alvin Tan, Director, Heritage Institutions

Ms Victoria Loy, Programme Manager (Arts) of STAR (Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the Arts)

Mr Khairuddin Hori, Senior Curator, Singapore Art Museum

Ms Karen Chin , Assistant Director, Asian Civilisations Museum

Ms Katharyn Peh, Manager, National Museum of Singapore

Mr Shaun Wong, Marketing and Social Media

Ms Cherry Thian, Manager, Education, Asian Civilisations Museum

Mr Jason Chan, Asst Director, Festivals and Precinct Development

Ms Stella Wee, Manager, Heritage Business Development

The seminar attracted 180 people, students and professionals from the art world.

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Mr. Damien Cazé


Mdm Katarine Peh, Mdm Catherine Guillou and Mr Khairuddin Hori


Mr Guillaume Boudy


Mr Olivier Caron, Ambassador of France to Singapore


Mr Damien Cazé, Mr Shaun Wong, Mr Vincent Poussou and Mdm Stella Wee


Mdm Jacqueline Eidelman


Mr Vincent Poussou


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