Visa for Foreign Domestic Workers to France


This visa procedure for « domestic helpers » has been implemented in order to comply with article R. 341-1 of the Labour Law, stating that : « […] a foreigner who is not a national of any of the member Nations of the European Community, a Nation belonging to the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation […] must, to exercise a professional salaried activity in France, hold a work permit […] ».

It is highly recommended to start the three-step procedure several weeks before departure.

1st step) The employer:

a) fill out the Cerfa form 15188*01 « demande d’autorisation de travail pour un salarié détaché » [request for temporary work permit A.P.T.]. The form can be downloaded from our website or from It must be signed by the employer and mentioning the planned duration of stay in France.

b) send the form via e-mail (or mail) to the local labour department (email addresses can be found here, postal addresses can be found on DIRECCTE websites), as an attached document to a message stating:

- as "subject": Demande d’APT pour du personnel de maison,

- if the temporary work permit is requested for 1 year validity or not (for a maximum stay of 90 days per period of 180 days),

- the address of the first place of stay in France.

c) sign a sworn affidavit to register with the designated URSSAF office (organization which collects social security and family allowance payments).

2nd step) The local DIRECCTE:

a) stamp and sign the form Cerfa 15188*01 which will then be valid as temporary working permit (APT),

b) return the form to the employer via e-mail,

c) send the original APT to the address of the first place of stay in France.

Please note:

- This type of visa allows to travel all over the Schengen area but does not allow to work in any of the Schengen member states apart from France.

- This type of visa is required even for very short stays.

- The employee’s salary cannot be lower than the SMIC [minimum wage], amounting to a gross hourly rate of 9,67 euros as of 1st January 2016 (1466,62 euros monthly on the basis of 35 working hours per week).

- The case arising, the DIRECCTE may request photocopies of previous salary slips and/or proof of URSSAF tax payment.

Useful information:

- Information leaflet Cerfa form 15188*01 (in French only).

The Consulate shall only issue the visa if provided with the temporary work permit stamped and signed by the DIRECCTE

3d step) The employee:

has to apply for the visa with the following supporting documents:

- 1 Schengen visa form duly filled in

- 1 colour ID picture, passport size with white background

- Valid passport (3 months validity after the return from your trip)

- 1 copy of the Singaporean work permit

-  2 copies of Form Cerfa 15188*01 stamped and signed by the DIRECCTE

- Financial guarantee letter from the employer to take full responsibility for travel expenses

- 1 copy of the ID page of employer’s passport and 1 copy of employer’s Schengen visa if applicable

- Plane ticket or confirmed booking with detailed itinerary of both the employer and the employee (return ticket)

- Travel insurance (healthcare / emergency hospitalization / repatriation, coverage for at least 30 000 EUR) valid for the whole trip together with details of the coverage

- Sworn affidavit signed by the employer to register with URSSAF

Other documents may be requested on a case by case basis.

Processing time is usually 5 working days from the appointment date.

Note: we cannot issue a visa more than 3 months before your departure date.

Dernière modification : 05/02/2016

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