Visa for studies subject to an entrance examination

Visa for studies subject to an entrance examination

(1 to 90 days only)

The short stay visa for studies subject to entrance examination is made to prevent the student from going back to his country of residency to apply for a long stay student visa if he has passed his examination.

This visa can be delivered only when the results of the examination are delivered maximum 90 days after the exam.

The visa applicant shall proof the seriousness of his studies and of notification to pass the exam.

In case they succeed, they will ask for a residency card -"carte de séjour" at the péfecture", which will entitle them to carry on with their studies.
In case of failure, they will have to go back to their country of residency before the end of expiry of their visa.

Click here to download the check-list of documents needed.

Click on the links below to download the documents:

Application Form (English)

PDF - 108.8 kb

Application Form (French)

PDF - 87 kb

Financial sponsorship form

PDF - 43.7 kb

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